The next level of team communication

Lyno boosts productivity and communication in distributed teams.

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See who is available and speak immediately to your team members

Rooms are the core feature of lyno. A room is like an open office you can enter it and immediately speak with everybody.

Preserve and share your ideas in our chat

Sometimes you want to share messages in a persistent way so one can come back to them later. To cover this every room additionaly provides a feature rich text chat.

Video and Screen Sharing

Empower your conversations with visual context right in our rooms. There are situations where a picture is worth a thousand words. For this you can simply enable video and screen sharing as you go with a single click.

Why use lyno?

  • Encourage conversations in your teams and across departments
  • Streamline your communication to increase your productivity
  • Use only a single tool for conferences and your daily conversations

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