Product Updates

April 20, 2020

New: Invite links

With our invite links you are now able to easily invite your colleagues to spaces and rooms.

New: Improved sign up

We have redesigned our sign in and sign up page to provide you with a seamless experience right from the beginning.

Bugfix: Unread message indicator

The indicator for unread messages in the room list now disappears as soon as all messages are marked as read.

March 13, 2020

New: Landingpage

We have redesigned our landing page to provide you with more information and improve your experience.

New: See all rooms

You can now see your colleagues in all rooms even in those you have not joined yet.

Bugfix: Signed and notarized Mac Apps

Our desktop app for macOS is now signed and notarized, which enables a hurdle free installation.

February 22, 2020

New: Private Rooms

You can now create private rooms which are secured by a password.

New: Emojis and Markdown

You are now able to emojis and markdown syntax in our chat. Use emojis as reactions or to give your message some extra expressive power. With markdown you can format your messages and share information in a structured way.

Bugfix: Editing space members

We fixed a bug, where under certain circumstances, users received a error message while trying to edit the roles of space members.