The place for company culture

Experience the new age of remote work and see who is available in real time, talk to your colleagues with a single click and casually collaborate with and across teams.

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The one-click solution for team engagement

Voice rooms give your employees the freedom to causally exchange, enjoy each others company, and regroup. This forms employee relationships which leads to improved collaboration and promotes a healthier staff.

Virtual Rooms

Rooms for each topic

Virtual rooms are the core feature of lyno. A virtual room is like a digital twin of your real office - you can enter it and immediately speak with everybody and everybody can speak with you. Simply create them on-the-fly for each topic you want to talk or discuss about.

Voice first experience

Break barriers

With virtual rooms communication becomes fully transparent. You can connect with colleges in and across teams while theaudio first approach lets you silently learn from discussions or actively participate in them.

A visualization of a voice room with seven participants.
Seamless integrations

Use with the tools you already love

Already using Slack, Microsoft Teams or G Suite? Great, you can simply login with your existing account and interact with your team as if you were on site. Alternatively simply use lyno as stand alone tool and build your work environment around it.

A list of all available integrations into lyno.
Video and Screen Sharing

Show yourself and your work

Empower your conversations with visual context right in our rooms. There are situations where a picture is worth a thousand words. For this you can simply enable video and screen sharing as you go with a single click.

A visualization of a room with two participants with screen sharing and webcams enabled.

Secure data transfer

We have a high focus on data security and constantly improve our measures. While at the moment the entire traffic is encrypted we are working on introducing E2E-Encryption for voice and video conversations soon.

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Can I prevent guests from entering rooms?

Yes! As a owner of a room you can simply enable password protection. Only users with the password or an invitation can enter.

How do I know who is listening to me?

Only users in the same Room can participate in a conversation. There is no such thing as hidden users so you can always see with who you are talking.

Do I need to download any software to use lyno?

No! You can simply use lyno with any modern browser of your choice!