Customize your workspace with lyno Apps

Use lyno Apps to connect your tools to automate your workflows and have all your tools at one place.

A screenshot which shows an abstract layout of an lyno app

Streamline your workflow

Every team has special needs and therefore has a distinct set of tools they use to complete their tasks. Switching between those tools is cumbersome and introduces a context change which negatively affects your workflow.

A screenshot which shows an abstract layout of an lyno app
  • Integrate first- and third-party applications under a unified design
  • Eases the training of new team members by having all tools at one place
  • Reduce context changes between different apps

All your needs unified

Reduced Context Change

Since lyno Apps all follow the same design principles the context change between the different apps is minimized and helps you to keep up your workflow.

Simplified Training

Getting the hang of different tools can take a long time since every tool has a different structure and way to handle things. With lyno apps all tools follow the same design principles and make them feel familiar from the first use on.

All Tools In One Place

Have all your favorite tools in a central place and easily add or remove them as your work stack changes.

Custom Apps

Build custom apps that suit your needs right into our platform.

Get started with lyno Apps

Start building your own or distribute your existing apps. Get early access to our marketplace to publish your apps before our public launch.